Order Chinese takeaway from nearby Manchester restaurants

In urgent need of some crispy seaweed? When only a Chinese will do to curb those cravings there's no need to travel to the Great Wall when you're living in the great city of Manchester. Peking, satay, sweet and sour, at home, at work or in the late hours. Soft meaty buns, veggie dim sums and noodles galore, we have it all.

Whether it's a full banquet at your mate's house or a cosy chow mein for two, you will be able to find exactly what you want here in Manchester with Deliveroo. With the best restaurants in the city right here, you are bound to want to spread the word - but please no Chinese whispers!

Manchester: One of the biggest and tastiest Chinatowns in Europe!

The 1940s were an exciting time for the taste buds of Mancunians as the city saw its first opening of a Chinese restaurant, since then the passion for creating Chinese food for the pleasure of the inhabitants of the city has taken over. Now home to one of the largest Chinatowns in Europe, Manchester certainly knows a thing or two about creating an array of tantalising traditional and modern Chinese cuisine.

But of course, not all of Manchester's Chinese restaurants are amongst the maze of streets in its Chinatown. Across the city, and importantly here on Deliveroo, you will find some of the most exciting and enticing Chinese eateries the city has to offer. With such a variety of culinary delights, we make sure that there is something for everyone.

So, will tonight be a dish of juicy fillet steak? Fresh Lobster? Spicy bean curd waffle? Or one of your crispy chicken, succulent pork or egg fu yung favourites? A full bodied red wine, a cold beer or even a floral jasmine tea to go with that? Yes, we can even take care of the important beverages too! They are all here waiting to be delivered to you by Deliveroo.