Order Chinese takeaway from nearby Loughborough restaurants

You’ve had a hard day at work, university or with the kids. You can barely muster the energy to cook for yourself, let alone everyone else at home. There’s a craving for something exotic, spicy and savoury you want to give in to, but how? Chinese food really hits the spot, something that can easily be ordered in Loughborough with Deliveroo’s takeaway options.

Whether eaten with a knife and fork or a pair of chopsticks, you’re guaranteed to experience an intense flavour hit with each mouthful. Succulent crispy duck, warming hot and sour soup, punchy sichuan pork - there’s a dish for everyone’s tastes, whether you’re feeling carnivorous or yearning for the bite provided by flash-fried crispy vegetables.

Loughborough: Choice Chinese cuisine on offer

One of the best qualities of Chinese cuisine is that there’s such a wide range of dishes to choose from. With as little as a phone number to hand, you could pick something mild like chow mein, a fiery chilli and garlic beef dish or the most colourful vegetable fried rice dish. Washed down with a bottle of Tsingtao, you’ll be able to make a good night great without worrying about how you’re dressed or getting a stray grain of rice on your clothes!

Loughborough has no shortage of restaurants that serve authentic Cantonese cuisine. Delivered from the town centre, you won’t have to wait to be seated, while you can dine in style by adding a starter like wontons, spring rolls, sesame toast or even some salt and pepper ribs.

Order a few fortune cookies – there could be something good in store for you in the near future! By ordering three courses, you’ll easily satisfy your hunger and be able to eat your noodles, rice or rolls however you like; but for that touch of authenticity, it’s worth digging the chopsticks out and trying to master them. It will take a while though!