Order Chinese takeaway from nearby Edinburgh restaurants

The great thing about Chinese food is the plethora of choices and tastes. Finger-licking sauces, curious spices and tangy aftertastes is what Chinese food is all about. Memorable dishes and classic cuisine combine all kinds of meat and poultry options with exotic variations of rice and noodles.

Edinburgh is well known for its many Chinese restaurants planted all over the city offering tasty, diverse and high quality menus for locals and tourists alike. Whether you want spring rolls or perhaps a bit of chow mein and egg fried rice, Deliveroo will make sure the ordering process is totally sweet and not the least bit sour! So why not put your feet up and relax, swipe the tablet and log in to select what will be the easiest meal you’ve ever ordered. Scrumptious sweet n’ sour, enticing egg fried rice and fantastic fritters.

Edinburgh: Discover delicious Chinese food in Scotland’s capital

Chinese food is generally made up of five distinct and wonderful flavours: salty, spicy, sour, sweet, and bitter. We all know how good they taste but in the old days, it was said these five flavours were not only used to make food taste so good but also to promote health in the body through harmony and balance.

Sweet options are generally made with sugar, honey, and various jams. Nice! Spicy means chilies, which help clear the body of toxins, useful for those who like a bit of the good life. Popular dishes include the ever-present mix of sweet and sour. But which version will you choose? Chicken, pork, beef or perhaps a mix of vegetables? Chicken chow mein is always on the menu but do you go with noodles or rice? Egg fried, boiled, steamed or maybe even BBQ?

Have a look at what dishes are on the menu at fantastic Chinese restaurants near you, and select what you'd like. With just a click of the button, you can order delicious meals straight to your door and eat Chinese takeaway, fine-dining style.