Order Chinese takeaway from nearby Dundee restaurants

Chinese food is as diverse as its culture. Food from each region of China varies in flavour, ingredients and styles. China is blessed with mouth-watering foods from distinct regions like Cantonese, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Szechuan and Shandong. Do you feel like pampering your taste buds with authentic tastes from China? Order mouth-watering Chinese goodies from Deliveroo! Deliveroo brings delicious delicacies served by Dundee’s finest restaurants, to enjoy from the comfort of home.

Shandong in East China is famous for seafood dishes mainly prawns, sea cucumbers, scallops, and clams. Stir-fried, tender juicy Cantonese cuisine is renowned for its distinctive spices and mellow fragrance. Want something hot and spicy? Check out Szechuan takeaways, especially dishes that use Sichuan peppercorns that taste incredible. Order sweet and salty Jiangsu dishes for something a little different. If you don't have time to fly to China, go for Deliveroo's Chinese home delivery instead.

Dundee: Enjoy fantastic Chinese dishes from across the country

The history of Chinese cuisine dates back 1000 years when different cuisines, ingredients, and techniques were involved to create a typical Chinese meal. From noodles to buns, rice, meat, greens, seafood and seasonal ingredients like tofu, bamboo and chestnuts, Chinese cuisine uses is an irresistible Asian delight. Want a taste of mouth-watering chow mein or Peking duck? Take your time and explore Deliveroo’s restaurant menus for the tastiest takeaway in town .

A piping hot bowl of wonton soup containing scrumptious dumplings will keep you sated for a long time. Order a plate of delicious momos with soy sauce and chutney with seafood salad ora light and tasty snack like tofu, spring rolls, sweet and sour pork chicken and egg ramen. Egg rice and fried shrimps make an appetizing dinner after a long day at work.

It doesn't matter what you choose, Deliveroo brings authentic tastes of China to your door. Keeping with Chinese tradition of dining together, Deliveroo helps you get home delivery to enjoy a with your loved ones in the calm and cosy setting of home. Go ahead and grab a bite with Deliveroo. You won’t be disappointed.