Order Chinese takeaway from nearby Derby restaurants

Chinese food has been a solid British favourite for some time now, which is good news for foodies. It means that there’s certainly no need to head to London’s Chinatown to get an authentic taste of the East because all over the country there are some phenomenal Chinese restaurants. Have a look at Chinese delivery options for Derby and you’ll see what we mean.

The Deliveroo idea is simple – great food without having to go out to eat it. Sometimes the formality of dining out is a bit wearing and we know you’d rather stay in. Deliveroo are committed to bringing delicious delivery from top restaurants that will make your mouth water, to you. Your part in this is easy – simply check out the restaurant and menu choices, select some dishes and send your order. Then sit back and let us do the rest.

Derby: Centre for delicious Chinese cuisine

A Chinese meal is easy to come by, but a really incredible one isn’t so easy to find. Well, at Deliveroo we’ve done the hard work for you by sourcing some stunning Chinese restaurants in Derby. The chefs behind the scenes are right up there with the best and the good news is that we’ll bring their finest dishes straight to you. This is a takeaway service like no other. Now, what to choose?

Of course there’s the classic chicken chow mein. This is a go-to dish for many as it’s a delicious little number that can be eaten without any accompaniments and still leave you satisfied. Noodles and bean shoots are combined with thinly sliced chicken and the whole thing is wok-fried at an extremely hot temperature to impart an incredible smoked flavour.

Alternatively, egg-fried rice with sweet and sour pork makes for a marvelous meal. The delicately balanced sauce is soaked up by the rice and that combination of sweet and sour always leaves you wanting more. For sharing, roast duck with pancakes is a delightful starter or main course that never fails to please, though it can get a touch messy!