Order Chinese takeaway from nearby Coventry restaurants

If you’re not yet a master of chopsticks, then don’t worry – we won’t judge! We at Deliveroo don’t care how you eat as long as you enjoy what you’re eating. This is why we’ve sourced some of the tastiest Chinese restaurants in Coventry especially for you. Take a look at our menus and browse our extensive list of delicious dishes.

If you dream of amazing restaurant food in the comfort of your own home, then it’s very close to coming true. At Deliveroo we want to bring you top quality cuisine to save you the fuss of making your way out to a restaurant. All you need to do is check out our Chinese restaurants for Coventry, pick some of the plethora dishes available and place your order. We’ll deliver to you promptly and you’ll be digging in before you know it.

Coventry: Chinese cuisine of quality

Long established as a favourite in the UK, Coventry has had many years to perfect its Chinese restaurant scene, and it shows. The standard is high and the food is just impossible to resist. We’ll deliver the best of the best so you can have an amazing takeaway lunch or dinner.

You might wish to kick things off with dim sum. This is almost a cuisine in its own right, so diverse is the selection available. The steamed pork bun is always a winner. Its soft white texture is almost like a very light sponge cake and the pork in the middle is always slightly sweet and juicy. Another popular choice is har gow, which are steamed dumplings with a prawn filling. These little parcels have a unique texture that comes from the delicate cooking process and results in something entirely delicious.

After a dim sum appetiser, the classic dish of sweet and sour chicken is always an option. The nice thing about this one is that the contrasting flavours produce a tantalising palate delight. And, of course, a Chinese meal is never complete without a few prawn crackers and sweet chilli sauce to dip.