Chinese takeaway from nearby Cambridge restaurants

Chinese food is Britain’s second favourite takeaway, only behind the ever popular Indian – from crispy wontons, to tangy yet divine sweet and sour chicken, Deliveroo has hand-selected the best Chinese restaurants Cambridge offers, all available to order with us online – who wants to traipse outside anyway?

Whether you are a lover of the classic chicken chow mein, or prefer the fiery kick of crispy chilli beef, we’ve brought together a wide range of Chinese restaurants in Cambridge who offer all your favourite oriental dishes. And sure, while dining out might seem like a great idea at first, who wants to do themselves up, drive to the restaurant and wait around for a table? When it’s Friday night, and you can’t be bothered, beat the queues and eat like a king, all from the comfort of your own home. And, make sure the plates are ready!

Cambridge: Bringing a diverse and cultured Chinese cuisine

Cambridge plays host to one of the most famous universities in the world, and as such has brought together a large variety of nationalities – essentially becoming a melting pot of culture. As such, this is reflected in the culinary delights on offer and here at
Deliveroo we’d like nothing more than to bring them straight to your door.

Given Cambridge is a student city, Chinese takeaways are ten a penny. Fortunately, Deliveroo has delved deep and linked up with only the very best on offer. In the mood for an exotic dish, such as a char siu barbecued pork, but wary the takeaway won’t rustle it up just how you like it? Fancy prawn egg foo young, but would rather have it prepared by a professional chef? Well at Deliveroo we only work with established restaurants, ensuring everything we deliver is the very best on offer.

So, ditch the phones, throw away the menus and grab your laptop, tablet or mobile – it’s time to order the 21st century way. Browse through our many amazing Chinese restaurants, select your favourite dish and our delivery team will have your order brought to you in no time.