Chinese takeaway from nearby Bath restaurants

Who’s up for a Chinese? Given it's known as one of the UK’s most popular takeaway options, most of you probably are. No matter what you’re craving, oriental dishes from East Asia will leave you feeling satisfied, thanks to their wide range of tasty dishes. The fact that you don't have to hit the busy streets of Bath to enjoy such cuisine only makes things easier. That’s because, Deliveroo allow you to enjoy Chinese food from the comfort of your own home. Just make sure the plates are ready!

We've looked across the Bath to locate the best Chinese restaurants with favourites such as chow mein and spring rolls accompanied by more modern delights like ma-po tofu and mango sago. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to Chinese food in Bath, with some of the most vibrant flavours available for selection at Deliveroo.

Bath: From the streets of Beijing to your front door

There may not be too many similarities between the bustling streets of the Chinese capital Beijing and the historic city of Bath. Beijing may be ever so slightly busier than beautiful Bath, but the one thing they can agree on is a love for Chinese cuisine. It is something that brings the two places together, with a whole host of restaurants offering some of the finest dishes all the way from Asia right to your home.

There is nothing better than a long day of exploring some of Bath’s most architecturally magnificent structures and iconic museums, followed by coming home to a perfectly prepared Chinese feast. With Deliveroo, you can select the precise date and time for your meal to be delivered, with any number of restaurants catering for your every need. You get your fix of beef in black bean sauce without having to go to the effort of making it!

So, get your friends over to enjoy some delicious sticky spare ribs or hand-folded dim sum among other options, all of which can be enjoyed from your sofa or kitchen table. With drinks including wine and beer also available, a delivery from Deliveroo always goes down smoothly.