Order Chinese takeaway from nearby Aberdeen restaurants

There's almost no one on the planet who doesn't love a mouth-watering Chinese meal. This ancient food from the Far East has touched the palates of people the world over. And yes, it's big in Scotland too, right here in Aberdeen. These are easy-to-order enjoyable meals with fast delivery. In less time than it takes to walk the dog, Deliveroo can have a delicious assortment of Chinese dishes knocking at your door. Fancy a nice winter melon soup with pork ribs as an appetizer? Perhaps you crave the more fiery flavors and inviting aromas of Chilli Paneer or those scrumptious veggie gold coins.

Order classic Chinese dishes in Aberdeen today, like sea bass and sizzled fresh ginger. Sweet and sour pork, beef with black bean sauce, the famous fried Chow Mein noodles delivered straight to your door. If you're in the mood for a Chinese takeaway, you're in the right place.

Aberdeen: Food from the Orient to the Scottish North-East

Aberdeen is perhaps one of the UK's most desirable places to live, work and play. It's certainly a foodie's heaven and an excellent location for fans of Chinese cuisine. This is food for home dining—an assorted meal that people love to share around the kitchen table. Aberdonians embrace Chinese dishes, perhaps almost as much as the traditional haggis. At Deliveroo, our fast delivery service ensures your order arrives fresh, hot and on time.

The Chinese take their food seriously, and that reflects in their cooking. The sheer varieties of dishes are too many to mention. The non-Chinese among us, though, tend to stick with what we know. Most of the special set dinners—popular with families—come with appetizing starters. Vegetarians aren't disappointed either. They have dishes like eggplant with peppers, potato and spicy tofu. Stir-fry celery with lily bulbs is another firm favorite among vegetarians.

Why bother heading out to the restaurant when we can deliver to your door. There's no need to travel over to China to enjoy the wonderful flavors of this Far Eastern cuisine—Deliveroo brings them to you right here in central Aberdeen.