Breakfast delivery in Leicester

Nowhere does breakfast quite as well as Britain. And nowhere does the famous full English fry-up better than Deliveroo! But we also take pride in bringing you hearty breakfasts from all over the world. Our breakfast restaurants bring you the perfect start to the day, with dishes freshly made to order by professional chefs that are ready for delivery to your breakfast table!

Enjoy the cultural icon of British food that is the legendary full English. Or enjoy a taste of the States with an American-style breakfast of pancakes and bacon, waffles and syrup, or bagels and cream cheese. Alternatively, explore an authentic Mexican huevos rancheros. Deliveroo bring you the best breakfasts in Leicester! So, forget a bland takeaway pastry or a box of supermarket cereal. You can beat the morning rush just sitting at your breakfast table, with Deliveroo’s premium quality delivery service!

Beat Leicester’s breakfast rush

In a bustling tourist and University City like Leicester, the morning commute is difficult. From students racing to lectures and office staff filing to their desks, the city is crowded, and too many of us skip breakfast or grab a takeaway pastry or bowl of soggy supermarket cereal to get where we’re going in a rush. But with Deliveroo, you can enjoy the best breakfasts from the most reputable restaurants in Leicester, all from the comfort of your own home (or bed!).

Keep it traditional and tasty with an iconic full English, with every regional variation available. If you are after a lighter bite, maybe a delicious, light croissant will keep you going until lunch. Either way, there are so many choices available, so browse our menus and pick your favourite, then we’ll do the hard work.

Although, that could be the toughest task of all, given the various cuisines available for the people of Leicester. However, once you’re satisfied, place your order and our dedicated delivery team will bring it right to your front door. It’s considered by some to be the most important meal of the day, so enjoy it in style with Deliveroo.