Zindiya creates an immersive experience of India – Whether you fancy afternoon chai, a night out with friends or just a quick lunch, their food and drink will bring a little bit of India into your life.


  • Samosa Chaat (V)star_filled

    Pastry filled with vegetables layered with spicy chickpeas, yoghurt, tamarind and mint coriander chutney.

  • Chilli Paneer (V)star_filled

    Soft cheese cubes stir fried with onion, garlic, bell peppers and chillies in a soy sauce.

  • Chilli Gobi (V)star_filled

    Cauliflower florets stir fried with crunchy peppers & onions in a soy sauce.

  • Masala Aloo Dosa (V) (GF)star_filled

    Southern Indian savoury pancakes. Made from rice batter and lentils, served with sambhar, coconut chutney.

  • Chicken Tikka (GF)star_filled

  • Papri Chaat (V)

    Crispy dough wafers, boiled potatoes, chickpeas, yoghurt, mint and tamarind chutneys, sprinkled with coriander and sev (sev are crunchy, savoury noodles made from chickpea flour paste).