Veggie Pret

From veggie eats to vegan treats, whether you’re 100% plant-based, vegan-ish, or meat-free some days, our mission is to make veggie food so good that it can be enjoyed by everyone. Order your freshly made veggie favourites for delivery now.


  • Pret's Proper Porridge

    A proper porridge made from British jumbo oats and fresh milk. Creamy and delicious yet naturally low in fat.

  • Vegan Breakfast Baguette (Vg) (V)

    Creamy smashed avocado topped with roasted mushrooms, roasted tomatoes and fresh basil leaves

  • Breakfast Eggless Mayo and Roasted Tomatoes

    A white baguette filled with our 'eggless mayo' and roasted tomatoes.

  • Mozzarella & Tomato Croissant

    Mozzarella, chopped tomatoes, rich tomato sauce, carrot, courgette and Herbes de Provence folded into our French croissant dough and baked in our ovens.

  • Spicy Egg Brioche

    A freshly cooked sweetcorn & spinach omelette with Italian cheese, slices of red pepper and a sprinkle of chilli salt . Served in our brioche roll with a layer of our chipotle mayo.

  • Pret's Veggie Brioche

    A freshly cooked mushroom & spinach omelette with matured Italian cheese and slow-roasted tomatoes. Served in a deliciously light and buttery brioche roll.