"MyTortellini", with it's deep roots in Emilia-Romagna nestled within the culinary north centre of Italy serves authentic Italian dishes with a modern twist. Developed from recipes refined over generations," MyTortellini" serves fresh delicious food with heart.


  • Baked Lasagna alla Bolognesestar_filled

    A classic Bolognese Lasagna (Lasagne alla Bolognese) freshly made with features delicate layers of fresh egg pasta coated in a luxurious mix of ragù bolognese (slow-cooked beef sauce) and creamy béchamel (white sauce). It's one of the world's great baked pastas.

  • Traditional Tortellini from Modenastar_filled

    Tortellini filled with Italian Ham and Parmigiano cheese, this is an authentic taste of rural Italy.

  • Gramignastar_filled

    A classic of the Emilian tradition. Thanks to the addition of spinach in the dough, the pasta is 2 colors. The best way to enjoy it is with cream and sausage

  • Fusillistar_filled

    Fusilli , Prepare fresh every morning . the spiral shape of this pasta allouse the sauce to incorporate itself in the best way.

  • 4 special pasta dishstar_filled

    Ham tortellini with homemade chicken broth , Tagliatelle al ragù Gnocchi al pomodoro Trofie al pesto

  • Bologna Meal Dealstar_filled

    1 portions of Tagliatelle with bolognese sauce, grated parnesan cheese 1 cooked ham Rustica, 1Tiramisu' and 1 bottles of still wather volvic.