The Head of Steam

The Head of Steam is famous for its Fresh Burgers, Stone Baked Pizzas, Vegan Dishes and Craft Beer from across the globe. With our wide range of beers and authentic freshly made food, we can now bring our unique offer to your front door.


  • Family Bundle

    Any 2 pizzas and a light bite or sharer.

  • Bundle Deal 1

    Any 2 x burgers and any 2 x 440ml alcoholic cans.

  • Bundle Deal 2

    Any 2 x pizza’s and any 2 x 330ml alcoholic cans.

  • Bundle Deal 3

    1 x Burger, 1 x pizza, 1 x kebab & 3 x 330ml alcoholic cans.

  • The Head of Steam

    Double stacked beef patties, US cheese sauce, pickles, lettuce, tomato ketchup and US mustard.

  • Alright Chuck

    Chimichurri southern fried chicken with US cheese sauce and pickle mayo.