Home-made dishes, fresh ingredients, hand-cut meats, seasonal vegetables and unique products sourced from artisan producers will take you on a trip to the Greek capital where the East meets the West.


  • Suvlaki Skewer Boxstar_filled

    Choose any 3 skewers from Pork, corn fed chicken, veg & mastelo cheese. Served with pitta and tzatziki.

  • Courgette Frittersstar_filled

    Smoked applewood cheddar, nigella seeds.

  • Spanakopitastar_filled

    Spinach samosas, metsovone, chilli dressing.

  • Pork Shoulder Suvlaki Wrapstar_filled

    Tomato, red onion, tzatziki.

  • Veg & Mastelo Suvlaki Wrapstar_filled

    Sweet potato, pomegranate.

  • Suvlaki Meal Boxstar_filled

    Choose two skewers from pork , corn fed chicken, veg and mastelo cheese. Choose two sides from greek salad, roasted potatoes, spanakorizo, gigantes. Choose one starter.