SoBe Burger


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Old school friends Tom and Alex took a food orientated trip to the states and fell in love with the downtown burger joints of Miami that pair sustainably, locally sourced burgers and beers with an industrial, raw edginess. They headed back to London and launched SoBe Burger, an acronym for South Beach, as a residency at London Fields Brewery in 2018.

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  • Meal Deal for 1

    Fancy a treat today? Grab a burger of your choice, any fries and a drink!

  • Special Guest Meal Deal

    A tasty treat for 1! Choose your bun then add your drink and fries!

  • Meal Deal for 2 with Chicken Strips

    Treat yourselves to this bundle for 2 - perfect for nights in or out!

  • SoBe Cheeseburger 🙏

    A delicious classic with 2 aged beef patties, topped with cheese SoBe sauce and finished off with a toasted bun.

  • BBQ Cheeseburger 😋

    BBBBBBQed goodness in one bite! 2 aged beef patties, cheese, dill pickles, smoky BBQ mayo all wrapped up in a toasted bun.

  • Green Chilli Cheeseburger 🌶

    Spice Alert! Prepare for a mouth full of spicy deliciousness containing 2 aged beef patties, cheese, pickled green chillies and chipotle mayo in a toasted bun.