Sapporo Teppanyaki

Sapporo Teppanyaki craft a fun and creative menu by introducing a Western twist to traditional Japanese plates. Try the Manchester sushi – slices of smoked swordfish, Lancashire cheese, carrot and crabmeat rolled up with rice in flying fish roe.


  • Couples Platter for 2

    1x barbeque ribs, 1x chicken gyoza, 1x chicken fillet teppanyaki with egg fried rice, mixed vegetables and sautéed potatoes, 1 mixed vegetable yakisoba with sautéed potatoes.

  • Seafood Lover Platter for 4

    2x garlic prawns, 2x crispy calamari, 1x prawn tempura roll, 1x salmon fillet teriyaki with mixed vegetables, 1x king prawns teppanyaki with garlic butter soy sauce and mixed vegetables, 1x yakisoba noodles (V)(side), 2x egg fried rice, 2x sautéed potato.

  • Family Platter for 6

    2x smoked chicken rolls, 2x duck spring rolls, 1x chicken gyoza, 1x vegetable gyoza, 1x sirloin teppanyaki with garlic butter, 1x lamb rump with mint teriyaki, 1x chicken fillet teppanyaki, 1x chicken yakisoba noodles, 2x egg fried rice, 2x sautéed potatoes.

  • Veggie Platter for 2

    1x avocado maki, 1x vegetable gyoza, 1x yakisoba vegetable noodles, 1x hibachi vegetable with steamed rice and sautéed potato or 1x tofu steak with beansprout spring onion and shitake mushroom steam rice and sautéed potato.

  • Special Sapporo (28 Pieces)

    Nigiri or sashimi, salmon, tuna, prawn, sea bass california roll, cucumber hoso.

  • Chef’s Sashimi (12 Pieces)

    Salmon, tuna, sea bass.