Sapporo Teppanyaki


4.4 114 Ratings

Sapporo Teppanyaki craft a fun and creative menu by introducing a Western twist to traditional Japanese plates.

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  • Dragon 8pc

    Prawn tempura, cream cheese, avocado, barbecue eel, spicy tobiko mayonnaise, tuniki.

  • Rainbow (8 Pieces)

    Filled with shrimp, crab stick, avocado and cucumber, topped with a selection of finely sliced sashimi .

  • California (8 Pieces)

    Avocado, crabstick, cucumber, tobiko

  • Gyoza

    Steamed and pan fried dumplings filled with your choice of chicken or vegetable (v).

  • Assortment of Grilled Vegetables (V)

  • Special Sapporo (28 Pieces)

    Nigiri or sashimi, salmon, tuna, prawn, sea bass california roll, cucumber hoso.