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Gluten free rice paper rolls that are made fresh every single day.

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  • Rainbow (VE, GF)

    carrot, red cabbage, Chinese cabbage mint, spinach, sesame Japanese rice vinegar allergens: sesame, sulfites KJ: 140. Protein: 1g. Fat: 0.1g. Sugar: 3g. Calories: 34.

  • Falafel and Hummus Roll (GF)

    beetroot falafel, hummus, mint carrot, red cabbage, chinese cabbage Japanese rice vinegar, spinach allergens: sesame, sulfites Kj 424, Protein: 4.4g. Fat: 4.6g, of which Sat: 0.6g. Carb: 9.6g. Sugars 2.7g, Sodium:126mg

  • Tofu (VE, GF)

    smoked tofu, rice noodles carrot, red cabbage, chinese cabbage, japanese rice vinegar, peanutsallergens: soya, sesame, peanuts, sulphites KJ: 587. Calories: 141. Protein: 7.2g. Fat: 4.6g. Sugar: 3.9g.

  • Egg Roll (GF)

    Egg, spinach, avocado, carrot, sesame, olive oil. Contains sesame, egg. KJ: 747. Calories: 179. Protein: 13.1g. Fat: 11.7g. Sugar: 1.3g.

  • Chicken & Avo (GF)

    chicken, avocado, carrot, cabbage Chinese cabbage, Japanese rice vinegar mint, lime allergens: sesame, sulfites KJ: 545. Calories: 142. Protein: 10.4g. Fat: 4g. Sugar: 1.8g.

  • Garlic Prawn Roll

    garlic prawns, spring onion carrot, hispi cabbage, shallot rice noodles, sesame allergens: crustaceans, sesame, sulfites Kj: 520. Protein 3.6g, Fat 1.6g, Sat 0.3g. Carb: 23.5g. Sugars 0.6g. Sodium: 63mg