Pure has been serving up innovative, globally inspired dishes for over a decade. Order from our diverse and delicious breakfast menu; from high protein rolled omelettes and hot toasties to organic porridge and freshly blitzed smoothies.


  • Banana & Honey Yoghurt

    Banana and blossom honey topped with probiotic Greek-style yoghurt and crunchy granola.

  • Blueberry Bircher

    Swiss bircher made with gluten free oats, coconut yoghurt and crushed blueberries.

  • Energy Crunch Bircher

    Swiss bircher made with gluten free oats and coconut yoghurt, topped with almonds, pumpkin seeds, dates and hazelnuts.

  • Chocolate Croissant

    Freshly baked all-butter croissant with a chocolate filling, topped with chocolate flakes.

  • Croissant

    Freshly baked traditional all-butter croissant.

  • Blueberry & Almond Muffin

    Our take on the classic breakfast muffin, mixed and sprinkled with almonds.