Pizza Parlour

The Pizza Parlour serves freshly baked pizzas with an Indian twist – a fusion of cuisine that’s not to be missed! We love the Indian delight – a pizza topped with cheese, tomato sauce and spicy aubergines. All dishes are veggie.


  • Pilli Pilli (Medium) (Hot)star_filled

    With garlic & chilli sauce + cheese, chillies & onions - very hot.

  • Vegetarian (Large)star_filled

    With cheese, tomato, onions, sweetcorn, sliced tomatoes & green peppers or chillies.

  • Hot & Sweet (Large)star_filled

    With cheese, tomato, sweetcorn, chillies & pineapple.

  • Parlour Special (Large)star_filled

    With cheese, tomato sauce, sweetcorn, onions, mushrooms, pineapple, black olives & green peppers or chillies.

  • Spicy Vegetable Pasta (Medium)star_filled

    With mixed vegetables.

  • Plain Garlic Bread (4 slices per portion)