With a perfectly crisp outside and moist, herby inside, Pita have earned rave reviews for their falafels, hailed as the best in London by regulars. They're best wrapped in a fresh pita, topped with a dollop of creamy houmous, pickles, and tangy tahini.


  • Sabich in Pita (V)star_filled

    Pita bread filled with aubergines, boiled egg, parsley and topping of your choice

  • Jaffa Chicken Mix in Pitastar_filled

    Pita brad filled with a Mix of grilled chicken breast & thighs, onions & spices and toppings of your choice

  • Malabi

    Creamy pudding (V) topped with rose water, coconut and crushed nuts

  • Baklavastar_filled

    Sweet dessert pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts

  • 1 Pack of Pitas

  • Falafel in Pita (V)

    Our famous falafel balls in pita served with toppings of your choice