Ohayo Tea

ChineseBubble Tea

4.9 500+ Ratings

Ohayo Tea is a Shiba-themed tea house that prides itself on delivering high quality tea and milk based beverages that hit the sweet spot every time! Our menu is carefully curated to make sure there is something for everyone, including vegan options! Some items are also customisable, you can choose your sweetness and ice level and tailor your drink to just the way you like it!

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  • Dirty BISCOFF

    Brown sugar syrup and creamy caramelised biscoff with fresh milk and crushed biscoff biscuit crumbs. Definitely an indulgent ‘treat-myself’ drink! (Brown sugar tapioca is included).

  • Dirty Oreo

    Brown sugar syrup and fresh milk, topped off with crushed oreo biscuit crumbs (brown sugar tapioca is included).

  • Peach Star Lost

    [Fixed Ice and Sugar] Peach Green Tea with blended peach chunks and green apple jelly! A must try for peach tea lovers!

  • Lychee Sakura with Matcha foam

    [Fixed Ice and Fixed Sugar Level] Sakura lychee with Matcha foam ,white pearl and fresh Strawberries

  • Lime Bomber

    [Fixed Ice and Sugar Level]. A whole crushed lime and freshly squeezed lemon juice blended with four seasons green tea. Does not come with any toppings, we recommend adding strawberry popping boba or white pearls.

  • Lychee Dragon (火龍扛狼)

    Lychee Dragon - (Lychee Dragon Fruit Tea - Drink with white pearls and cheese foam)