Ohayo Tea

OHAYO TEA is located in the heart of Manchester. We are confirmed as the first tea company in Manchester to combine freshly brewed fruit tea into our Fresh Fruit Tea series - ranking us number one in fruit tea in the whole city. We also propose a wide selection of bubble teas including our signature Brown Sugar Tapioca Milk and original Milk Tea.


  • Super Fruiteastar_filled

    Jasmine tea base keeps the drink light and refreshing slices of Grapefruit , Orange , Watermelon and Lime.

  • Orange Smashstar_filled

    Our signature jasmine green tea infused with freshly squeezed orange juice and orange slices.

  • Premium Brown Sugar Tapioca Milkstar_filled

    With cheese creme foam.

  • Premium Coffee Tapiocastar_filled

    With cheese foam & cocoa powder

  • Strawberry Tea w/ Cheese Foamstar_filled

    A blended Jasmine tea made of fresh Strawberry , tops with our housemade cheese foam.

  • Reusable Straw Setstar_filled

    Black / Rainbow Color