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  • Papadam Basket and dips

    Crispy papadams with a selection of authentic homemade dips.

  • Onion Bhaji (vg)

    Traditional light and heavenly onion fritters, made the Delhi way: Golden, crisp and fluffy.

  • Butter Chicken 1950s

    Tandoori roasted chicken tikka smothered in a rich creamy tomato sauce, embracing the authentic Delhi origins of this humble dish.

  • Dilli Paneer Butter Masala (v)

    Soft Paneer cooked in a classic butter masala sauce, a popular Delhi style curry.

  • Punjabi Dal Tadka (vg)

    A North Indian speciality, this spiced yellow lentil is brimming with rich flavour.

  • Gol Gappa

    An authentic Delhi style Gol Gappa. Mash of potato and chickpeas served alongside our chef's sweet and sour tamarind water and crispy puri balls.