Mr. Patties


  • Beef

    Our original authentic beef patties are filled with curried ground beef, flavoured with an array of seasonings.

  • Cheezee Beef

    A cheezee twist on our original authentic beef patties, filled with curried ground beef and given extra flavour with cheese.

  • BBQ Chicken

    Our chicken patty but with an aromatic BBQ twist, reminiscent of a smoky jerk pan.

  • Vegetable (VG)

    A flaky case filled with curried mixed vegetables including carrots, peas and onions. Vegan/Vegetarian friendly.

  • Callaloo (VG)

    Patties with a filling made using the Jamaican leaf vegetable “Callaloo”, similar to spinach. Vegan/Vegetarian friendly.

  • Cheezee Tuna

    A unique patty created with the time-tested combination of tuna, cheese and sweetcorn.