Little Tokyo

Little Tokyo is a family run business that has been in Leeds for 20 years. They pride themselves in their home-brewed sauces and dressings. Enjoy a large variety of Japanese food with a slight Yorkshire twist!


  • Veggie Spring Roll

    Mixed vegetables and glass noodle filling. Vegan.

  • Deep-fried Sushi Button

    Bite size veggie maki lightly fried. Vegan.

  • Dim Sum Siu Mai

    Local minced pork made into steamed dumplings.

  • Crystal Prawn Dumplings

    Juicy minced prawns wrapped in delicate pastry.

  • Vegan Chicken Legs

    Soya chicken with bamboo drumsticks lightly fried. Vegan.

  • Spare Ribs in OK Sauce

    Pork ribs coated in an appetizing tangy sauce.