Family-run Hoppers celebrates home-style Sri Lankan cooking with a menu of sumptuous and headily aromatic dishes. Be sure to try the indulgent Bonemarrow Varuval, slow-roasted in a coconut and tomato curry, and served with a homemade roti.


  • Taste of Hoppers for 2- star_filled

    All the greatest hits in one, featuring our classic Lamb Kothu Roti, Red Chicken Kari, Dhal Kari, Samba Rice, Rotis & Sambols. The perfect feast for two.

  • Chettinad Chicken Bites star_filled

    Chettinad South Indian style boneless fried chicken chunks served with a black pepper and coconut curry sauce to pour over. Tossed with Chettinad spices & toasted coconut.

  • Mutton Rolls star_filled

    Think of these as Sri Lankan ‘spring rolls’. Beautifully crisp, golden cylinders, filled with a curried mutton and potato stuffing.

  • Red Chicken Kari star_filled

    The classic deliciously fragrant Sri Lankan chicken curry cooked with our homemade curry powder, herbs and coconut milk.

  • Chicken Buriani star_filled

    Layers of aromatic basmati rice steamed gently over succulent pieces of boneless chicken thighs marinated in yoghurt, herbs and biryani masala.

  • Veggie Taste of Hoppers for 2

    All the greatest veggie hits in one, featuring our Jackfruit + Mushroom Kothu Roti, Upcountry Aubergine Kari, Dhal Kari, Samba Rice, Rotis & Chutneys. The perfect vegetarian feast for two.