Heavenly Desserts

Heavenly Desserts is the UK’s leading luxury dessert restaurant serving fresh waffles, crepés, artisan cakes, & soft cookie dough, not forgetting our luxury milkshakes & smoothies. Our extensive gluten-free and vegan menu is now also available.


  • I’ll Have What She’s Having American Wafflestar_filled

    Your choice of base served with ripe, scarlet strawberries and smothered in warm Belgian milk chocolate. Enhanced with an elegant globe of velvety Stracciatella gelato and a drizzle of the finest quality strawberry sauce.

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Doughstar_filled

    Soft, freshly baked golden chocolate chip cookie dough is drizzled with Belgian milk chocolate sauce and served with fragrant Madagascan Vanilla gelato. A classic combination of warm and cool for a unique and delicious taste experience.

  • Heavenly Desserts Cookie Doughstar_filled

    When you can’t make up your mind, go for both! Half chocolate chip cookie dough and half white chocolate chip cookie dough make this soft, freshly baked dessert irresistible. Served with creamy Madagascan Vanilla gelato and warm Belgian milk and white chocolate sauces and garnished beautifully with juicy strawberries.

  • Lotus Biscoff Cheescakestar_filled

    A golden, crunchy, caramelised biscuit is topped with a smooth and creamy Biscoff® spread cheesecake and finished lightly with Biscoff® crumble.

  • Cookie Blaststar_filled

    Our signature cookie blast milkshake is a creamy, hand spun classic. Scoops of tasty Cookies and Cream gelato are whizzed to perfection then drizzled with chocolate sauce and topped with peaks of thick, freshly whipped cream. A timeless recipe and the result of years of cookie passion.

  • American waffle