Euphorium Bakery

Euphorium is a delightful artisanal bakery offering a range of freshly baked pastries and a delectable range of freshly made sandwiches. If you have a sweet tooth, you'll love our offering of a selection of tarts, cakes, eclairs, cheesecakes & much more.


  • Scotch Pancakes With Nutella and Berries

    Served with lashings of nutella and berries.

  • Hot Porridge

    Served with cinnamon, blueberries and honey.

  • Toasted Sourdough Bread (v)

    With strawberry jam, honey or marmalade.

  • Veggie Sausage and Egg Brioche Bap

  • Sourdough Toast and Butter

  • Scrambled Egg, Mushroom, Spinach on Toast