Dirty Pedro's

Join us on a journey from the Street markets of Spain and find new discoveries from Barcelona, Madrid and beyond. We use quality produce to bring you Spanish Street Food including loaded fries with the filthiest of toppings, bangin’ burgers, burritos’ & quesadillas, cheeky sides and lip-smackin’ desserts!


  • Plain Dirty

    Basic fries.

  • Pedro's Saucy Balls

    Mouthwatering chopped pork meatballs in tomato sauce.

  • Chorizo

    Classic Spanish spicy chorizo.

  • Spicy Beef

    Tasty prime beef pieces in a Brava tomato sauce.

  • Chilli Fries

    French fries topped with chilli con carne, cheddar cheese, spring onion 7 fresh chilli.

  • Pedro's Sliders with Fries

    Classic Beef Sliders with Cheese