DF Tacos

Mexican comfort food for everyday. Think tacos with buttermilk chicken, grilled steak or sweet plantain; crinkle fries dusted with chilli salt; grilled burritos & fresh homemade guac or healthy rice bowls packed with flavour


  • Pork Pibilstar_filled

    Two soft tortillas. Free range pulled pork. Achiote & citrus marinade. Crunchy slaw. Sour cream. Pink pickled onions

  • Buttermilk Chickenstar_filled

    Two soft tortillas. Crispy fried chicken. Homemade chipotle mayo. Red slaw

  • MSC Fishstar_filled

    Two soft tortillas. Sustainable battered pollock. Red slaw. Chipotle mayo. Crema

  • Chile Beefstar_filled

    Two soft tortillas. Slow cooked beef. Ancho chile marinade. Crunchy slaw. Avocado salsa. Crema. Melted cheese

  • Grilled Chicken Burritostar_filled

    Free range grilled chicken. Habanero & pumpkin seed salsa. Slaw. Red rice. Cheese. Beans. Crema. House pickles

  • Taco Bundle (For 1)star_filled

    Choose any grilled free range chicken tacos (sweet & smoky, diablo or classic) with regular or chilli fries.