London’s quick & buzzing multi-award winning & authentic Peruvian café-restaurant serves generous healthy, hearty & happy dishes packed w/ flavours. Ceviche's menu has the greatest hits of Peru & touches of Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and Italian food too.


  • Toasted Corn Nuts (VG)

    Cancha. Crunchy, salted and home made.

  • Peruvian Bao Bun

    Bao Bun con Jalea. Tempura seabass, soft steamed bun,salsa criolla, amarillo chilli mayo.

  • Cassava Fries (V)(VG)(GF)

    Yucas and Huancaina. With our famous amarillo chilli and feta dip.

  • Pork Belly Bites (GF)

    Chicharrón. Crispy pork belly bites with rocoto jam.

  • Crispy Pork Rolls

    Tequeños del Chifa. Pulled porl wonton spring roll with a rocoto chilli jam.

  • Beef Heart Skewers (GF)

    Anticuchos. With smoked panca chilli marinade, Andean corn, rocoto sauce. These are Peru’s answer to shish kebabs and carry memories of crazy nights out in Lima. For the real Peruvian experience have these with cassava fries.