American food delivery in Watford

With American food, bigger is pretty much always better, so go for a burger too big to fit in your mouth, piled high with bacon and cheese and onions – or really go for it by swapping out the buns for doughnut halves. Get a taste of the south with real barbecue, with big meaty ribs and pulled pork, all tenderly smoked, low and slow over charcoal for hours on end. Oh, and don’t forget the sides. A barbecue isn’t complete without soft and fluffy cornbread, and zingy pickles, Texas toast and crunchy slaw.

Wash all that down with an American IPA, loaded with citrusy hops, or bourbon, and you’re all set. At Deliveroo, we make it our mission to bring the very best of Watford’s American restaurants to your door, no matter when or where you want it. Just visit our online menu listings now to make your order.

Watford: A taste of the States

If messy food is your thing, then go for a rack of ribs slathered in barbecue sauce, or a Sloppy Joe. You don’t even need to worry about spilling everything down your shirt in front of everyone, because Deliveroo bring the restaurant to you. Head up the East coast to New York, and go for a meatball sub straight out of Friends, slathered with Marinara sauce, and oozing with melted cheese, or a Reuben sandwich piled high with pastrami and sauerkraut. Finish it all off with the perfect, creamy New York cheesecake. 

Or, what about a bowl of chilli con carne, rich and spicy, with a dollop of cooling sour cream? Try it with rice, or a crispy potato. Or, why not have it with a burger or a hot dog? Frankly, it goes with everything – and don’t the Americans know it.

From thick and fluffy pancakes doused in sticky maple syrup to sandwiches piled high with smoky pastrami and sharp, crunchy pickles, and genuine Dixie barbecue, you can eat American for breakfast, lunch and tea when you order a delivery takeaway from one of Watford’s many Yankee restaurants with Deliveroo.