American food delivery in Leeds

What’s great about American food? What isn’t! The hearty, distinctive style of American cuisine is what makes it a huge favourite across the world. Whether it’s burgers and fries, or southern fried chicken, there’s plenty of choice. And if you just can’t face heading into town for your American feast, how about enjoying restaurant quality food in the comfort of your own home?

At Deliveroo, we’re constantly working to get the best food delivered right to your door. We work with lots of American restaurants across Leeds, all of whom offer superior quality dishes ranging from Tex-Mex all the way to American-Asian fusion cuisine. All you need to do is look through our listings, order online and then sit back and relax while we bring your takeaway delivery straight to you – the best of both worlds! In fact, the hardest part is choosing what you want to eat!

Find your favourite American dishes in Leeds

One of the great things about American food is the sheer overwhelming choice available. Many of the dishes we consider to be quintessentially American are generally influenced by other cultures, thanks to the country’s diverse history and multicultural population. If you love American-Asian fusion food, then order in some Chinese or Thai dishes, with the Western twist we all love. Sweet, savoury and spicy, these kinds of meals are perfect to share with a big group of friends or family.

If you’re looking for a chilled-out dish to enjoy in front of the TV, then get stuck into a Chicago-style pizza. Completely different to its American cousin, this is a deep-dish pie, filled with meat and cheese and topped with a thick, sweet tomato sauce. Just make sure you have a large appetite!

For something a bit lighter, try a Cobb salad – a mixture of lettuce with tomato, egg, chicken, avocado, bacon and blue cheese as a delicious starter (or main). Follow up with a pot of chilli with all the sides for a filling and hearty meal. Vegetarians will love a huge pot of comforting mac and cheese.