American food delivery in Guildford

The USA has fine cuisine that goes with its amazing history. At Deliveroo we get really excited by American takeaway – there are so many influences that go into it and they produce some delicious dishes. Have a look at our American restaurant choices for Guildford and you’ll soon be as excited as we are!

From classic hamburgers topped with cheese and finished with crisp salad to fried chicken with the crispiest coating dunked in ketchup, American food is quite simply fabulous. The best thing about it? With Deliveroo we’ll bring it all to your front door. There’s no need to go out to a restaurant and stand in the queues. In fact, we think it’s far nicer to enjoy your favourite meals from the comfort of home. Browse through our American options and send over your order. We’ll make the delivery and you’ll be feasting in no time.

Guildford: Burgers and more, straight to your door

Hot on the heels of the latest trends in the foodie world, Guildford has some excellent American eateries. Some may think that US cuisine is about one thing only: big portions! But this couldn’t be more wrong. Let us at Deliveroo set the record straight.

American cuisine includes all sorts of highly flavoured and carefully cooked dishes. As a starter, Buffalo wings really proves the point. Chicken wings are first marinated in a mixture of cayenne pepper and traditional hot sauce, before being fried or grilled. Served along with crisp celery and a few carrot sticks, the finishing touch comes from a blue cheese dipping sauce. There’s no denying that the balance of the different elements of this dish is truly masterful.

As a main course, pulled pork clearly shows what true American cooking is all about. This barbeque dish is usually made of pork shoulder and is marinated for hours, sometimes even days, in paprika, salt and brown sugar. When the flavours have been absorbed, it is cooked slowly over charcoal until it can be pulled apart. So, American food has much to offer, pick your favourite and we’ll do the hard work.