American food delivery in Coventry

For big portions, big flavours and lots of fun, American food is the way to go. It offers everything from lovely juicy hamburgers overflowing with melted cheese and salad, to huge racks of ribs covered in delectable barbeque sauce. Browse through our menus for American food in Coventry and you won’t be disappointed.

What we take pride in here at Deliveroo is a really top tier takeaway. That doesn’t mean an average takeaway experience but a restaurant-quality meal brought to your door. You place the order and we make the delivery. Not a bad deal, right? It’s a simple formula but it works well and it means that you can enjoy the best of Coventry’s cooking in your own home. You could even get into your PJs if you fancy it, we don’t mind!

Coventry: Home of awesome American flavour

There’s something mind-blowing about American food. That country’s amazing history and culture has produced something so different to English cuisine. The good news is that Coventry serves up some fantastic American dishes and we deliver them all for your culinary pleasure.

Pulled pork is a very popular dish at the moment that seems to be absolutely everywhere. You can always tell really authentic pulled pork though, as it’s made with pork shoulder meat and marinated for hours to impart that delicious flavour. Slowly cooked until it can quite literally be pulled apart, this sweet, soft and tongue-tingling meat is best enjoyed simply with French fries and chunky coleslaw.

Another popular choice that works well as a starter or a sharer are Buffalo wings. These chicken wings are coated in spicy sauce before being fried or grilled. The best bit though has to be the blue cheese dip that comes with them. The heat of the sauce and the salty quality of the dip make for a beautifully balanced dish. Whatever you decide to go for today, don’t deliberate for too long -- the sooner you order the sooner it arrives!