American Food Delivery in Cardiff

If you’re thinking of eating in tonight then why not try some good ol’ wholesome American food. That’s right folks! It’s time to get all patriotic and howl from the rooftops because the USA has come to Cardiff in the form of great tasting, big portioned, trucker food! What’s a typical American food you ask? Well how about chocolate and bacon maple syrup pancakes for starters?

Cardiffians love their food and their rugby. And the two go together like Shane Williams and an opponents try-line. There’s more American options on the go around Cardiff than you might at first think. And we don't mean cheap, fast food here. We’re talking gourmet burgers as big as they should be, stuffed with the juiciest beef, the thickest mayo, huge slices of tomatoes, American style mustard, doused in ketchup and delivered to you by Deliveroo!

Cardiff: Top notch American food in Cardiff

There are quite a few popular American takeaway meals you’ve probably already heard of. Take Sloppy Joes for example, which burst onto the scene in the early 20th century. American’s went “Yeehah!” for this big tasting meal of ground beef, onions, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, and pungent seasonings, all served righteously on a seeded hamburger bun.

No self-respecting menu from the USA would be complete without some line dancing, hat tilting, fried chicken! Get a box full, so you can go dunkin’ with friends at your very own American-themed house party. Long and juicy hot dogs are also on the cards. Shrimp is another big hit in the South; much like the classic prawn cocktail but fried and served with a variety of sauces. With a huge range of American restaurants in Cardiff to order from, curing that hankering of American cuisine is easy.

You can’t indulge in all this grub just to stop after the main. Not when some of the best sweets of any country are on offer! What about some nice, warm apple and toffee pie and a delicious icy fudge brownie milkshake to wash it down with? With Deliveroo it’s all possible in Cardiff!