American food delivery in Belfast

American food is always a favourite with people in the UK. There’s something irresistible about a classic burger and fries, or Tex Mex dishes. And if you want to order American food from your favourite restaurant in Belfast, Deliveroo is here to help you. We know how tempting a deep-pan pizza with American meatball marinara sauce can be, or a rack of ribs with American-style fries, and if you’ve decided this will make your takeaway Friday night go with a bang, then you’re in luck!

Much of American cuisine is actually a fusion of lots of different cultures and tastes, thanks to the country’s eclectic history. From the Deep South comes cornbread and grits; from North America, burgers and fries. Whichever you want to order, have a look at our listings, place your order online and just wait for us to deliver your food right to you. Simple!

Belfast: Choose from tonnes of classic American foods

Many dishes we think of as quintessentially American are actually remnants from immigrant cultures. Italian-American food is huge, with pasta and sauce, pizza and cannelloni very popular. Similarly, the hot dog and hamburger originated in Germany. Of course, these days these influences have slipped right into what many consider very American dishes.

American food is a great choice for a takeaway as it’s such a crowd pleaser. If you’re feeding a big group of people with lots of kids, you’re guaranteed to put smiles on their faces if you order in a Chicago pizza, with its delicious meaty toppings and thick tomato sauce. Or a range of ‘sliders’, tiny burgers in buns with lots of different garnishes. For a big, hearty warming dish that will please veggies, you can’t beat mac ‘n’ cheese, or order it with hot dog sausages for meat-lovers .

And dessert? What about rocky road brownie, covered in spray cream? Or key lime pie, with a kick of citrus? Or how about a slice of pumpkin pie for a real taste of celebratory American dessert? Your only problem is going to be choosing what you want for delivery!