American food delivery in Aylesbury

With such a colourful history and the many different people who have settled in America over the centuries, it’s not surprising that American food is varied and vast. It’s not just burgers and fries, although that definitely hits the spot on many occasions! American food is great to order in from your favourite restaurant just in time to settle back after a hard week’s work and enjoy a night off.

American cooking is essentially the fusion of a variety of cusine styles, and regionally there are lots of different specialities. Deep southern cooking is different to North American-style cuisine, but of course you can get anything you want anywhere in the States – and in Aylesbury you can order in American food to be delivered to you at home by Deliveroo. Just look through our listings and order online. We’ll be there with your takeaway delivery in a flash.

Aylesbury: All the flavours of American food here for you

Since the 1960s, Asian flavours and European/American fusion have been very popular, resulting in combinations that are now considered totally American. Deep-dish pizza, spaghetti, hot dogs and even hamburgers are originally based on different country’s cuisines. Now you can order all sorts of American dishes that are synonymous with different cities and states. The New York slice is simply a way of serving pizza and Chicago pizza is the much-loved deep pan pizza covered in meat toppings underneath a final topping of tomato sauce.

One of the best-known ways to enjoy American food is for breakfast. Thick pancakes made with tangy buttermilk couldn’t be more different to the traditional French crepe. Covered in maple syrup and sprinkled with blueberries, they’re truly delicious, and don’t have to be just for breakfast! Or for a light bite try a club sandwich; turkey, avocado and honey mustard on fabulous triple-decker rye bread.

Main meals can cover anything from mac ‘n' cheese, Tex-Mex specials, sticky barbecue ribs, steaks cooked loads of different ways, and desserts like pumpkin and key lime pie. Your only problem is going to be how you’re going to choose! Dive in!