Vegetarian food delivery in London

Whether you’re a dedicated vegetarian, or just health-conscious and want to choose a healthier option, there’s a whole world of vegetarian cuisine to be had in London, and the easiest way to sample the best of it is to head to the capital’s Deliveroo vegetarian section. We’ve assembled the best meat-free meals that the city has to offer in one place, so all you need to do is decide what you want, order online and veg out.

Long gone are the days when vegetarian cuisine was seen as an afterthought and the least interesting thing on the menu. Many global cuisines have raised vegetarian dining to an art form, and any restaurant worth its garlic salt in London offers a great choice of meat-free meals. From a simple sandwich to a banquet, we’ve got vegetarian dining in London all sewn up.

London: The fastest vegetarian cuisine in London, delivered via Deliveroo

Of course there are many satisfying dishes available that are classic takeaway options, but at the same time happen to be vegetarian. For example, you could choose a wide variety of pizza toppings beyond the simple margherita, such as goats’ cheese and red onion or Fiorentina with spinach and egg. There are also many satisfying pasta dishes in rich tomato or cream sauces.

Looking to the east, there is also a great tradition of vegetarian curries, featuring ingredients such as spinach, potatoes and paneer cheese, still seasoned with spices and supremely satisfying. Other cuisines that include great meat-free options include Greek and Lebanese, with soft and chewy flatbread great for dipping in hummus, tzatziki and other delicious dips, or using to wrap up some satisfying falafel. For something more substantial, you could try a spanakopita filled with spinach and feta cheese.

London also has a range of cutting-edge raw dining and clean-eating establishments offering vegetarian and vegan food that is also often organic and carefully prepared to preserve all the nutrients on offer. Perfect for when you can’t face getting the spiralizer out!