Vegetarian food delivery in Glasgow

Big, bold, brash and creative: Glasgow is one of the most exciting cities in the UK. A huge cultural fusion of fashion, music, arts and food comes together to bring some of the most delicious flavours from around the world to Scots. While Scots have a reputation for eating not much other than haggis or even deep-fried sweet treats, Glasgow is another story and has even won awards for its vegetarian food!

You don’t have to be a meat-eater to enjoy the variety of cuisine in Glasgow. Check out the Deliveroo menu section for Glasgow to find out what veggie delights we can whisk to your door any night of the week. Whether you hanker for hummus, feel the need for falafel or simply long for a salad, Deliveroo are on hand to bring you the best vegetarian cuisine that Glasgow offers, right to your front door.

Glasgow: Go green with the best of vegetarian cuisine

Glasgow is a vegetarian diner’s paradise. The city is full of trendy cafes, upmarket restaurants and global eateries that serve delicious meat-free cuisine. For animal-friendly dining, you really couldn’t be in better hands.

From pasta puttanesca and mouth-watering pizzas to veggie-based sandwiches and Mexican tapas, Glasgow’s vegetarian food scene is as eclectic as it is exciting. Flatbreads, pittas and focaccia are stuffed with flavours from the Middle East, France and Italy, while burgers have had a makeover and now come in all sizes and flavours, from mushroom to halloumi. There’s so much choice, you may struggle to decide what to go for!

Asian noodles and hearty pulse-based salads, frittatas, burritos and tarts and tortillas are available meat-free every day of the week. Eat a world of food from the comfort of your sofa. Fancy a quiet night in with friends and a curry? No problem. There are a whole heap of delicious veggie Indian dishes to order from. Let Deliveroo bring you the best of Glasgow veggie food, whether it's breakfast, dinner or a quick takeaway snack, from the restaurant of your choice. We’ll have it delivered to your door in no time.