Order Thai takeaway from nearby Swindon restaurants

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Swindon: Treat your taste buds with the treasures of the Thai cuisine

Thai food revolves around five core taste sensations: sweet, bitter, sour, spicy and salty. Many dishes balance a number of these flavours, and mix them together to create different taste profiles. Some Thai food is very fiery and guaranteed to warm you up, while other dishes are mild and creamy. There's something for everyone in this varied and vibrant cuisine.  

Curry dishes are favourites around the world. Thai curry is no exception. Green curry gains its colour from green chillies, but is made from lots of coconut milk and green curry paste along with a pinch of palm sugar and a drizzle of fish sauce. The result is fragrant and aromatic, but spicier than the mild red curries. Massaman curry is also popular: it's full of spices like cinnamon and star anise, but mixed with nuts, onions and chili to create a uniquely delicious curry.  

You could also order pad Thai fried noodles, or a filling bowl of tom yum soup. No matter your dietary preference or spice levels, Thai food has something you'll love. Order great Thai food now with Deliveroo, and experience restaurant cuisine at home.