Order Thai takeaway from nearby Southend-on-Sea restaurants

If you’re looking for authentic, quality Thai cuisine, you will find yourself spoilt for choice in Southend. The growing food industry in Southend means you won’t have to eat at the same place twice - but you don’t need to go out to eat! Deliveroo have partnered up with some great local Thai restaurants to bring you the delicate flavours and delicious aromas of Thai cuisine, even from some restaurants that don’t usually deliver.

Southenders will be familiar with some of our most popular restaurant hot-spots but with new eateries popping up all over town, it’s good to get a heads-up on the newbies! With Deliveroo, you can be sure of premium food with a premium service. Whether at home or work, Deliveroo’s speedy service means your tantalising Thai dishes can be winging their way to you in minutes!

Southend-on-Sea: It’s time to try Thai

Thailand’s national cuisine is renowned for its depth of flavour. Like other food originating from Asia, Thai dishes bring contrasting elements together to create a vibrant taste sensation; mixing sweet and spicy or sour and salty to give layers of flavour in extraordinary and distinctive dishes.

Southend has long been a melting-pot of different cultures, embracing different nationalities and their gastronomic delights! Deliveroo can bring you food from your favourite restaurants of old or tempt you to try a delivery from that new place that’s always busy. No waiting for a table for you; your dinner can be delivered straight to your door!

A few quick clicks online and dining in just became the new dining out! With so much choice available at local Thai restaurants, your biggest problem will be deciding what to order. A mixed starter to share with the one you love offers a selection of house favourites; hot spiced chicken satay, spring rolls and deep-fried Thai fish cakes perhaps? Why not order in a classic Pad Thai or try something new like red snapper seasoned with garlic and peppercorns with chilli sauce on the side? Why wait - order now!