Order Thai takeaway from nearby Royal Tunbridge Wells restaurants

Royal Tunbridge Wells really knows how to showcase worldly cuisines. This beautifully historic town in Kent plays host to an array of various restaurants and eateries that specialise in various dishes. However, it is Thai food is really growing in popularity. Thailand is a country with heavy Asian influences in its food, and the number of Thai restaurants across the town is forever increasing, offering even more choice to residents.

We’ve done the research and have sourced some of the best Thai restaurants that Royal Tunbridge Wells has to offer, giving you the chance to experience all that this delectable cuisine has to offer from the comfort of your own home. Choose from a plethora of noodles, curries and rice dishes to cure those cravings. We recommend exploring the likes of a spicy Green curry with Pud Thai on the side, with the vegetables and noodles complementing each other perfectly.

What's on the menu?

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Royal Tunbridge Wells: Thailand Comes to the Historic Town

Thailand is a country built upon rich Asian heritage, and their cuisine certainly highlights this. Perfectly blending the joy of Indian curries and array of rice and noodle dishes from China, Thai is definitely the best of both worlds.

Try a curry out for size and pick a colour depending on how spicy you like it. If you struggle, order in a mild yellow curry to offer the same enjoyment of a curry with none of the eye watering pain, but if you can handle it, the red curry will certainly have your taste buds standing on end, perfect for opening up your pores after a long day at work.

Are you looking for something to share with the family in front of a movie? Explore the realms of ahan phak tai, which loosely translates to “southern region food”. This regional food group consists of many dishes including kaeng som, which is a sour curry served with fish and vegetables, or opt for a portion of grilled meat complete with cucumber and peanut sauce, perfect for passing around the table. Whatever your dish of choice is, a delivery from Deliveroo will be at your door in no time at all!