Order Thai takeaway from nearby Canterbury restaurants

The medieval city of Canterbury might be more famous for its pilgrims than for its pad thai, but that doesn’t mean the city can’t hold its own on the Thai foodie scene. The city plays home to some popular and well-established Thai restaurants, run by families hailing from the Southeast Asian country. Whether you’re after a fiery feast or a rather more mellow meal, this national cuisine has something to offer everybody.

Bangkok grew up around the spires of golden temples and now it is lending its cooking flavours and traditions to a city built around the towering spire of a cathedral, and Canterbury’s diners can’t get enough. There’s no need to venture out into the unseasonable British weather in order to reach the best food in town. With Deliveroo some of the city’s top Thai eateries are ready to whip up a flavoursome delivery just for you.

Canterbury: From pilgrims to Pad Thai

From restaurants devoted entirely to Southeast Asian cuisine, famous for its bold flavours and aromas, to pan-Asian buffets boasting a wealth of Thai dishes amongst their many offerings, Canterbury has it all. There are traditional favourites like pad thai and tom yum, as well as lesser-known dishes bursting with flavours and textures.

Here at Deliveroo we don’t believe that you should have to leave the warmth of your home and trek through Canterbury’s streets to find the best Thai food. The stress of navigating the city’s one-way system and pedestrianised streets would be enough to dampen anybody’s appetite. So don’t leave home, instead sit back and await the arrival of your own restaurant experience. With Deliveroo, all you need do is make sure you listen out for the doorbell over the rumbling of your stomach.

Put away your passport, hang up your car keys, and click on Deliveroo to browse some of the city’s best Thai restaurants. Too busy to cook? Too hungry to settle for a fast-food takeaway? Deliveroo is here for you! We’ll bring the bottled up smells and flavours of Thailand ready to be unleashed directly onto your waiting plate.