Sushi delivery in Stoke-on-Trent

When years of focus and preparation go into a cook’s specialist food training, the results can be reminiscent of great art. A sushi chef is literally years in the making, training until a level of excellence is achieved. When you order sushi in Stoke-on-Trent, you can rest assured that a master of his craft is slicing fish to create your dish to strict guidelines. While most foods exist on a sliding scale of quality, sushi has strict, rigorous standards which chefs make into an obsession. With this amount of pride taken in sushi’s preparation, it’s always going to be high quality. 

Authentic sushi is marked by minimalist flavourings coming together, uniting in this most delicate of cuisines to present the subtle taste of fish in a manner unlike that any found in other cuisines. How about browsing Deliveroo’s online menu listings and getting a delivery today?

Get stoked for sushi

Other cuisines have a tendency to bombard their dishes with lots of oils, spices and herbs. Of course, this results in delicious takeaway curries and so forth, but this idea isn’t the way in the world of sushi. Here, the focus is on individual ingredients, expertly handled. You could order a platter of sushi, and you’re sure to find surprising variation, despite the simplicity in the representation of this dish. 

Tuna and avocado rolls with a few droplets of soy sauce are just one sushi stand-out choice. The Japanese are also big on umami – the way food feels in our mouths when we are eating it. This helps create that technical approach to sushi preparation. The ingredients here melt together with the aim of the food feeling good on the palette in texture as well as taste. 

Sushi comes in many forms, but none of the options are raw fish like people often think. What restaurant would accept that?! Actually, sashimi is raw fish. The misconception exists because sashimi is often served alongside sushi in Japan. Whatever sushi rolls you have gone for, rest assured, they’re cooked. They’re also bursting with flavour and possess a delectable mouth-feel.