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Top 5 tips for hosting a five-star summer party

It’s Wednesday morning and you’ve been tasked with organising your summer company party and guess what? There’s only a month before summer officially begins… yikes! But not to worry, we’ve got you covered and we’re about to take you on a journey to putting on a memorable company-wide summer party.

Alternatively, for those who are slightly more organised, continue to read as our tips will help you add the WOW-factor to your event.

Looking for summer party inspo? See how we helped Monzo throw an awesome team summer social on our Instagram.

1. Fundamentals are here to stay

Yes we know this may be the least fun part of the party planning process, but it’s key we start here to make sure the running of your event goes as smoothly as possible.

First up, make sure you know and decide on the most important things: the date, the timings, number of expected guests and, of course, your budget. Deliveroo for Work can cater to all event sizes and budgets, there really is something for everyone - trust us, we’re the event experts.

Fundamentals are here to stay
Fundamentals are here to stay
Where’s the party at?
Where’s the party at?

2. Where’s the party at?

Have you decided on a venue? Based on the fundamentals you’ve researched already, you can now narrow down your search for a venue to host your 2022 summer event.

If your office space is large enough, and has an outdoor area, you could save yourself time and money by keeping it in-house. Then, all you’d have to worry about is catering and entertainment - if only we knew a catering team 👀…

For those who want to source a venue, pick a location based on your party theme. So, if it’s a day at the beach theme, look at rooftop or outdoor spaces.

Bear in mind that some of our fantastic catering partners may need access to powerpoints and water. We will provide you with all this information up-front so there’s no nasty surprises on the day.

3. Let’s keep your guests fed and watered

Always remember bad food options at an event will leave a lingering taste in the mouths of all attendees.

Maybe a burger stand to pickle your fancy from Shake Shack? Or could you be tempted to shake it up with your own branded cocktail bar? Be creative when deciding on food and drink options - no idea is ever impossible… think pop up stands, doughnut walls and company branded bars - ok that’s enough, over to you now.

Did you know we’ve worked with corporate clients to host food pop ups from Crosstown, PlatterUp, Mac Factory, Zest, Spiers and Shake Shack, to name a few?

Let’s keep your guests fed and watered
Let’s keep your guests fed and watered
Private entertainment
Private entertainment

4. Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained? Is that not why you’re here?

Parking the gladiator quote to one side, this is where the summer party gets its five stars! Let’s try thinking outside the box in terms of entertainment and really ask yourself what would be fun, unique and would get everyone involved? Cocktail making, drag bingo, escape rooms, murder mystery… the world is your oyster.

We can help with all the entertainment planning and even work with your chosen entertainer on specific personal touches for your company’s brand or event.

For added inspiration we partnered with Virtually Together during lockdown for virtual events, and they’re now helping to host in person events.

5. Enjoy it

Organising a company-wide summer event can be stressful but this is your chance to be the office hero and create something memorable for the whole team.

Your involvement in organising this event will have a positive impact on employee wellbeing and overall team morale, which allows team members from all departments to get involved and meet each other - enjoy it!

If you’re thinking about hosting your own company-wide summer party this year, then reach out to our dedicated catering team who will be able to ensure your event gets the five-star treatment - get in touch here.

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