Bring your team together through sport

Very soon, those famous green balls will be making their way back onto Centre Court this summer with the return of Wimbledon starting on 27th June 2022.

With more companies looking to hold additional events each year to help improve employee relations and maintain a great office culture, why not pitch some fun social gatherings themed on actual sporting events which take place each year? 73% of our clients surveyed said they use Deliveroo for Work to reward their team for their hard work - so let's make a start.

Lola's Cupcakes
Lola's Cupcakes

Wimbledon 2022

The two-week tennis tournament is back, which means an excuse to drink Pimm's whilst watching your favourites battle it out for this year's singles and doubles crown.

For dedicated, casual and new-to-the-sport fans, this could be a great way to get everyone together and really promote internal networking across various teams, which in return will encourage more collaborative working relationships. Perhaps a watch-along during the week or a one-off Wimbledon themed quiz? Sounds good to us, let’s encourage team bonding throughout the business and get everyone involved.

Want to go big? How about your own branded Pimms bar along with a grazing table from Platter Up? Or if you’ve got extra budget we’d recommend a food pop up from one of our other delicious catering partners which include; Shake Shack, The Mac Factory, Spiers, Paella Ole, Utter Waffle, Pan-n-ice and more.

Sweet treats are also a huge favourite in the office and we know Lola's Cupcakes have produced Wimbledon inspired options for our clients - just look above. Reach out to our awesome catering team to get started.

Qatar World Cup 2022

A World Cup in December? This is something we definitely won’t be seeing all the time, so this is a great opportunity to make the most of a pre-Christmas event (sorry, we had to mention it)! With all hopes of supporters resting on individual nations, this is a great way to integrate colleagues into your team, find out more about their background and socialise over 90 mins of football - dubious refereeing decisions and all.

Why not try a friendly sweepstake with a food related team prize? Guaranteed to get everyone involved, even the sport-averse - we can even help with food gift ideas too. Or, why not host a watch-along for the game/s of your choice whilst enjoying a selection of food or themed food platters from the nations who are competing? More? Okay let’s try a friendly sweepstake with a food related team prize? If only we knew someone who could help with food gift ideas 👀…

If a watch-along is out of reach within your office then we have a whole host of alternatives to get everyone involved, even if it’s as simple as a Group Order with your team. We work with Virtually Together on both live and virtual events, so you may want to consider this option to bring your ideas to life wherever your team are working.


UEFA Women’s Euro 2022

Hosted by England between 6th-31st July, here’s an opportunity to get behind one of your European nations who are taking part in this summer's tournament.

Yes it’s looking like a busy summer of sport for everyone, but even for those who don’t follow, this could be a great opportunity to get together as a whole company, sports group or individual team. Take inspiration from some of our Qatar World Cup social events above.

Sporting events in 2023

Here's a few sporting events to look out for next year:

- Grand National (13th-15th April 2023l) 🏇

- Rugby World Cup (8th September - 28th october 2023) 🏉

- Cricket World Cup (October 2023 November 2023) 🏏

- FIFA Women’s World Cup (2023) ⚽️

The importance of food in your workplace

In our recent Post-Pandemic Work Report, we asked our clients, Why is food important in the workplace? One of the key answers was ‘Brings people together and promotes collaboration & team building’.

With Deliveroo for Work no event is ever out of our reach, whatever your allocated social budget! Reach out to our friendly catering team who will be able to help you put on your next team social here.