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Mexican food is one of the most vibrant and varied cuisines in the world. Built around staples like chilli peppers, avocados and beans, Mexican cuisine is a serious taste sensation. From spicy to smoky and sweet to sharp, Mexico has some of the best in the world. And here at Deliveroo, we bring you the most marvellous authentic Mexican food in York!

Mexican food has evolved over the centuries, with many different influences like the Spanish conquistadors. At Deliveroo, we work with the best Mexican restaurants in York, offering you quality takeaway food, freshly made to order by professional chefs. This restaurant quality authentic Mexican food is ready for fast delivery straight to your doorstep! So, whether you're eager for enchiladas, bereft of burritos, or taunted by tacos, we've got you covered here at Deliveroo! All you need to do is decide what you want, and order online with us.

York: Enjoy Mexican marvels in the North

The roots of Mexican cuisine can be traced back through the centuries to the Mayans and the Aztecs. Beans and corn have been staples of Mexican food ever since. When the Spanish conquistadors arrived European influences merged with the cuisine of Mexico's indigenous peoples, creating an amazing fusion of cuisines.

Enjoy old favourites from bulky burritos to tantalising tacos and fantastic fiery fajitas. But there are so many more great Mexican dishes to explore! Switch up your usual meaty meals for carne asada, barbacoa, or carnitas. Want something gooey and comforting? Try a creamy cheesy quesadilla. Fancy some chicken? Explore authentic Mexican chicken dishes like pollo asado. Getting bored with the same old guacamole? Discover a huge array of different mole sauces on several authentic Mexican dishes.

In a major tourist destination and university city like York, it can be easy to pick up a sub-standard takeaway or supermarket ready meal. But there's a better way! At Deliveroo, we bring you the most authentic dishes from authentic Mexican restaurants. From professional kitchen straight to your door, all you need to do is decide what to order. It really is simple to enjoy amazing food in the comfort of your home.