Order Mexican takeaway from nearby Birmingham restaurants

At Deliveroo, we think Mexican food is terrifically underrated as a takeaway option. This is diverse, healthy, delicious food which is perfect for snacking on and using for dinner parties and other large gatherings. It’ll please vegetarians and meat-eaters alike, and will fill up even the hungriest of bellies. Wholesome natural grains, pulses and vegetables combine with aromatically spiced meats to create an unforgettable style of cuisine. 

We know that going out to a restaurant can feel like a big chore. You have to get in your car, co-ordinate a time to eat, and you may arrive at a restaurant way out across the city to find that there are no tables available. There is some pleasure in cooking your own food, but not if you are tired and don’t have the patience to prepare a delicious meal. Our service puts all that potential difficulty in others’ hands. 

Mexican in Birmingham

Have you ever enjoyed a quesadilla? Just think of it as the pizza of Mexico. Two tortilla wraps are fused together with cheese, and their insides are stuffed full of tasty chicken or chorizo, jalapenos and salsa. This dish comes in pizza-like slices and is an ideal food for sharing. Or perhaps a hearty burrito is what you’ve a craving for. Choose your meat and fillings – refried beans add extra heartiness – then select further accoutrements to add even more tasty notes to your meal. Some sour cream or guacamole introduces further characteristics to those refried beans and soft beef, pork or chicken, and they’re sure to give your burrito a refreshing finish.

Undecided about just what you want to order? A great option for the selective would be a range of Mexico’s snack food. Think grilled sweetcorn covered in paprika, empanadas, albondigas or miniature crunchy tacos. When the mains have been devoured, the very hungry out there may still be hungry. Add some churros with a velvety chocolate sauce to your order.

Mexico’s bright and punchy fare should be able to please everyone in your home. Let a Deliveroo delivery bring you the goods!