Lebanese food delivery in Cardiff

Attention good people of Cardiff! It’s time for a true experience of the Middle East. And Deliveroo are here to bring you a whopping range of this exciting cuisine. Why go Lebanese when considering your takeaway options, you may ask? Well, it’s healthy and extremely tasty, for one thing. Traditional Lebanese food is crammed full of whole grain, with fruits and vegetables mixed with starches, fresh fish and seafood. Chicken dishes are plentiful and lamb is also a speciality.

Lebanese is as much a pleasure to the nose as it is to the mouth, with amazing aromas and surprise spices that will take you on a culinary journey into exotic lands and unique flavours. Imagine slow-cooked eggplant and deep-fried okra, doused in tahini and lemon with pomegranate and coriander cous cous! Deliveroo’s Lebanese food listings section is your passport to a scintillating, palette-pleasing meal.

Cardiff: Order with ease and go Lebanese, courtesy of Deliveroo

In the Middle East, mezze is presented as a kind of snack food, much like Spanish tapas. It translates into English as “taste” and the dishes vary from region to region. Examples of some famous mezze dishes are the well-known baba ghanoush, hummus and falafel selections, which have become so popular in Cardiff over the years.

Much like the good old kebab, falafel is fast becoming a Friday-night-after-the-pub favourite in Cardiff. These crispy, deep-fried balls are also chickpea-based but set to dry in a fridge before being prepared in oil. They are irresistible when placed in a pitta wrap, with delicious lemon yoghurt and tahini mint sauce. You know it makes sense!

Slavering over a lamb shawarma? Up for some vegetables bathed in baba ghanoush? You bet! Deliveroo will sort you out. And don’t forget, Lebanese is the ultimate treat for the sweet tooth. Pistachio baklavas in syrup and qatayef dumplings stuffed with cream and nuts will be the perfect end to your evening. With our partnership with the best-quality Lebanese restaurants across the city, we’re able to deliver the delights of Lebanese cuisine to you at home. Just order online now, to avoid missing out!